The “Teacher” Museum

The Teacher Museum “Nikos G. Gkonias” under the title “See you every September” is located on the ground floor of the Community Hall (next to the Citizens’ Service Center) and is a remarkable private effort made by the teacher himself. It is a rich collection of educational material used in the second half of the 20th century of an important educational, aesthetical and historical value.

At first, through various exhibitions, we can follow the course of the education from the period of Kapodistrias until today, the dispute between supporters of the Greek purified (katharevousa) language and supporters of the Greek modern (demotic) language in the beginning of the previous century and the history of the alphabet from the fall of Constantinople until today.

Next, reference is made to the holocaust of the village during the German-Italian occupation and the operation of schools since the Civil war including plenty of school books and scientific – pedagogical writings.

Finally, the museum presents the evolution of the supervising means and teaching items, from slates and slate pencils to the modern electronic multi-machines, printing machines (ink/spirit hectographs, thermo-copying apparatus for membranes and slides), slides projectors, visualizers and pyrography machines and works.

A visit can be scheduled by contacting the teacher on +30 2267051545 & +30 6949114237.

Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος Κυριακίου "Πολιτιστική Δράση"

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